Discover BENY – The price robot for your online shop!

Set up the best deal for your customers with BENY

BENY is the ultimate solution for online retailers who want to automatically optimise their prices to generate more sales and improve their margins. With BENY, you can adjust your product prices based on various factors such as competitor prices, customer reviews and much more to ensure that your customers always get the best deal.

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Increase in sales

  • BENY maximizes your sales by automatically adjusting your prices to current market trends.
  • Thanks to BENY, you maintain control over your margins while leaving your competition behind.
  • With BENY, you reach a broader target audience and increase your market share.

Flexibility and control

  • Customise your pricing strategy to suit your individual requirements.
  • Choose from various repricing strategies and adjust minimum and maximum prices as needed with BENY.
  • Optimize your margin and offer an optimal price-performance ratio.

Easy integration and support

  • BENY smoothly integrates into your existing systems, whether it’s your shop or your inventory management.
  • The competent support team of BENY is always available to answer questions and assist you with setup.
  • Utilize the various integration options such as the API interface, the BENY Connector, or FTP upload for smooth integration.