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brickfox Bridge

The enterprise service bus for multichannel businesses.

The brickfox Bridge for
seamless data integration

The brickfox Bridge is an ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) for multichannel companies and offers a reliable solution for the bidirectional and fault-tolerant connection of data interfaces such as ERP, CRM, PIM or shop systems.
As a proven standard solution for data hubs in the multichannel business, brickfox Bridge is used by agencies as a standalone solution as well as with all brickfox connections as standard.

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brickfox Bridge Schema
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brickfox Bridge

Your benefits

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and ETL processes to transform data from different sources.
  • A dashboard that enables you to control and monitor processes and carry out simple, proactive error analyses for 1st-level support and self-service
  • A central data hub for accessing all data
  • API management to provide data to suppliers, customers, and partners via APIs
  • Marketplace and platform integrations for exporting and processing data, as well as automating order and delivery processes
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brickfox Bridge ESB mobile

Key Features

Validation and transformation
From simple field mapping to complex transformations where data is recombined.
Input/Output connectors
For example, connecting to and from Shopware 6 for easy and fast integration with various systems.
Dashboard with Reporting Service
Automated processing of valid data including clear presentation of status messages.
Design and management of eCommerce platforms
For integrating external manufacturers, vendors, and suppliers.
Management of online trading on marketplaces
such as Amazon, eBay, OTTO, and many others
Integrated PIM function
enables central and media-neutral data management


These customers trust us

“Fast and efficient”
„21 online shops, 10 online marketplaces, 9 countries, 6 currencies. We manage our online trade completely via brickfox. Intelligent product range management and rule-based sales channel management make our complex system simple and clear. For continuous growth.“
brickfox sven vieler founder geschaeftsfuehrer vielergroup
Founder & CEO
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“Completely satisfied”
„The brickfox Cloud is the core of our e-commerce system. For us as a manufacturer, the process chain from production to the customer – whether B2B or B2C – functions optimally. The integration of the production process into the inventory management of the sales channels brings an additional plus in efficiency.“
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Head of eCommerce
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“Easy and reliable”
„brickfox coordinates the complex order and inventory management – including order splitting – for more than 200 specialist retailers on the marketplace www.euronics.de … with brickfox, our retailer network platform has a solid basis and a future-oriented e-commerce control system …“
Ulrich Seibel Leiter Multichannel Systeme Euronics Verbundgruppe
Head of Multichannel Systems
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Is the forecast continually regenerated or expanded?

Currently, the forecast is constantly being updated. (As customers may change sectors, new customers may be added, etc.).
The sales data for each customer and sales channel is collected and processed at the end of the month.

How is the industry forecast put together?

We summarise your sales data per sales channel in the respective sectors per month. We send this data to the AI service obviously.ai. A forecast is then created there for the next 12 months, which you can view in the dashboard in the form of a sales chart.

Can I as a customer only preview my own data?

Yes, it is possible to have your own sales data predicted. This requires at least 1 year of sales data. The forecast can then be displayed in a diagram in the dashboard.