Discover ClouSale: Your partner for successful eCommerce management!

ClouSale: Together towards success

ClouSale stands out as one of the leading service providers in the field of eCommerce and price optimisation. Its innovative software and close cooperation with customers and partners make it an indispensable partner for online retailers and mail order companies.

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Efficient price optimization.

  • Easily and automatically calculate minimum and maximum prices for optimization, based on your purchase price and desired margin.
  • Individually adjust prices or work with CSV files for flexible adjustments.
  • Instantly recognize the current Buy Box seller and optimize strategically to improve your chances.
  • Use special filters to quickly identify areas that need attention and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • With ClouSale, you always have an overview of your assortment and the current market situation, enabling you to make profitable decisions.

Strategic adjustments for increased profitability

  • Benefit from special shipping methods like FBA or Seller-Prime to increase your chances in the Buy Box and enforce higher prices.
  • Integrate ClouSale with your ERP system or directly upload CSV files to Amazon to manage changes quickly and easily.
  • Utilize direct connections to your inventory management system for efficient data retrieval and optimal pricing strategies.
  • Keep important sales ranks in view and measure changes to better assess the success prospects of your items.

Targeted pricing strategies for increased sales success

  • Receive free information about your competition and analyze common characteristics in the assortment.
  • Utilize comparison and exclusion options for differentiated and successful pricing strategies.
  • Adjust your pricing strategy at different time points and optimize your chances during high sales periods.
  • Use ClouSale’s time scheduling feature for maximum profitability and sales success.
  • Discover various approaches and modules for optimizing different types of items, including exclusive products or private labels.