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Logicsale gives you control over your seller base, your items and your rules. Keep an eye on all your activities and always be in pole position with Logicsale. You determine your prices and products. Set global pricing strategies, exclude competitors and optimise your profit margins. With Logicsale, you’ll never miss out on profits again and always stay in the game!

Logicsale Schnittstelle brickfox

ASIN+ Function

  • Effectively lists items under all available ASINs.
  • Increases visibility on Amazon.
  • Increases revenue by reaching multiple potential buyers.
  • Allows selling at a higher price across different ASINs.

BuyBoxCatcher ®

  • Continuously scans the Buy Box and dynamically selects the best strategy for your items.
  • Increases visibility, revenue, and margin through optimal strategies.
  • Offers various booster options, including sales booster, margin booster, and custom boosters.

Potential View

  • Automatically analyzes the current position of your shop in the market.
  • Identifies opportunities beyond the minimum and maximum limits.
  • Discovers hidden potentials at the push of a button.
  • Helps increase revenue and margins by supporting price optimization.