Magento Master: Your Key to Multichannel Success

brickfox and Magento

You want to expand your Magento Commerce shop to marketplaces or optimize your existing marketplace distribution? With the brickfox Multichannel Middleware Hub, you seamlessly connect your Magento shop – whether it’s Magento 1 or Magento 2 – with Amazon, eBay, Otto Market, and other marketplaces. Here are the benefits you enjoy with brickfox and Magento:

Magento brickfox schnittstelle marktplaetze

Marketplace Integration

  • Automated interfaces to leading marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Otto Market, etc.
  • Seamless takeover of existing accounts and listings for a smooth start on the marketplaces
  • Flexible inventory splitting for optimized inventory management across different platforms
  • Option for individual customization of texts and prices for each marketplace
  • Support for category and attribute mapping for consistent product representation across all channels

Order and inventory management

  • Intelligent management of orders and inventory across all distribution channels
  • Efficient import and export of orders, order status, inventory, and availability
  • Virtual inventory management and inventory splitting to avoid stockouts and optimize inventory

Features for dynamic trading

  • Special support for the Amazon and eBay interfaces, including manual steering based on ASIN or MultiASIN
  • Integration of buy now and dynamic templates for eBay to customize the offerings
  • Planned introduction of time-controlled auctions and price proposals to further increase sales opportunities

The key interfaces to Magento

Magento Amazon interface

You can sell your products on highly frequented Amazon platforms worldwide via the Magento Amazon interfaces from brickfox. In addition to, you can reach numerous international markets such as | | | | | | | as well as amazon business in the B2B sector. We already master product data management for different languages, currencies, tax rates, etc. in the standard version. Would you like to find out more about our Magento Amazon interface?

You can find more information about the Magento-Amazon interface here.

Magento Ebay interface

With our Magento eBay interface, numerous European eBay markets open up for you as a Magento shop operator. In our brickfox software, important functions for internationalization, such as price, currency, and tax rate adjustment, are already included in the standard version. Your existing eBay accounts are seamlessly taken over during the integration. Learn more about our Magento eBay interface and expand your distribution options today!

You can find more information about the Magento eBay interface here.

Magento Otto Market interface

With 1.9 million visits per day and 10 orders per second (as of 2020), is one of the most frequented distribution platforms in German online retail. If you want to benefit from the reach of the Otto platform and connect your Magento shop to OTTO Market, you should get to know brickfox! Learn more about the Magento OTTO Market interface and discover how you can successfully present your products on

You can find more information about the Magento-OTTO Market interface here.

Magento Bol interface

Are you looking for new sales channels for your products in the Benelux? is exactly what you’re looking for – a high-reach marketplace that is extremely popular in both the Netherlands and Belgium. As the No. 1 marketplace in the Netherlands, offers an optimal opportunity to make your products accessible to a wide audience. With the Magento interface from brickfox, you have the perfect solution to implement your internationalisation strategy.

Benefit from important features and functions for efficient multichannel eCommerce with the brickfox middleware and the integrated PIM. The customisation of product data and prices for the Benelux market is just one of them … Would you like to find out more about the Magento interface?

You can find more information about the Magento interface hier.

Magento Cdiscount interface

As the ‘N°1 du e-commerce Français’, Cdiscount is one of the marketplaces with the widest reach and highest turnover in France. Would you like to connect your online shop with the ‘N°1 du e-commerce Français’ and successfully operate multichannel eCommerce? With the Magento Cdiscount interface of brickfox Middleware, your Magento online shop is seamlessly connected to Cdiscount. Find out more about the Magento Cdiscount interface now and expand your sales channels!

You can find more information about the Magento Cdiscount interface hier.

brickfox Experience

The many years of cooperation between brickfox and Magento and the resulting experience from numerous successful projects form the basis for the realisation of your multichannel project with brickfox. You benefit from in-depth technical expertise and extensively developed software with intelligent multichannel functions. You also have the option of supplementing standard functions with customised adaptations. This makes the brickfox software the ideal multichannel tool for your Magento platform.