Reybex – Your partner for digital growth.

Maintain control over your backend processes and excel in multichannel online commerce. Connect your ERP system with marketplaces, online shops, your supply chain, and more.

An overview of the Reybex interface

  • High flexibility and scalability
  • Significant cost reduction
  • Highest data security
  • Multilingualism
  • Individuality
  • Versatility
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Multichannel components for Reybex:

  • Central management of orders and customer data from various marketplaces and online shops.
  • Automation of eCommerce processes. Update-secure, integrated API interfaces to various distribution channels.
  • Suitable for brick-and-mortar retail and omnichannel strategies.
  • GoBD and KassenSichV compliant, secure TSE interface, document archiving.
  • Efficient management of inventory levels.
  • Automated material requirement planning to avoid shortages. Integration of dropshipping and Amazon FBA functions.
  • Central management of customer data. Automation of customer communication and marketing actions.
  • Integration of CRM systems for comprehensive customer support.

Marketplace management with Reybex:

  • Automated material requirement planning to avoid empty warehouses. Faster and more efficient shipping processes.
  • Easy picking & packing. Support for dropshipping, Amazon FBA, and more.
  • Overview of financial transactions, costs, revenues, and cash flows.
  • Fully integrated financial accounting with interfaces to banks and payment service providers.
  • Optimal resource utilization and overview of personnel, goods, and shortages.
  • Efficient management of supplier information.
  • Automation of ordering processes and supplier communication.
  • Supplier rating systems for optimized procurement.
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About Reybex

Reybex is your ultimate cloud ERP software designed specifically for eCommerce, wholesale, retail and manufacturing industries. With cutting-edge technology, flexible working becomes child’s play for SMEs! Reybex offers you a complete ERP system that covers everything from purchasing to invoicing, from the simple connection of online shops and marketplaces with automatic synchronisation of item data and stock levels to automatic payment reconciliation and financial accounting. There is also a CRM system for managing customers and suppliers, a POS/checkout for stationary sales, project management including time recording and even an integrated production module with quality management.