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The platform for every type of company

At Amazon, you will find a platform that is tailored to the individual needs of your company. Choose from flexible tariff options and product categories that exactly match your business requirements.

Cross-industry diversity for your business

Regardless of whether you operate in the B2B or B2C sector, Amazon offers a comprehensive platform that covers various industries. With over 300 million customers worldwide, you can reach a broad target group.

Convenient all-in-one shipping service

No more worrying about complicated logistics details. With Amazon, you get a proven shipping service that not only covers shipping, but also returns and customer service.

Flexibility for your success

Your business needs are constantly changing. That’s why Amazon offers you a wide range of plan options, product categories and shipping options. You decide what suits your business best to increase your sales.

How Amazon Global Selling works

By selling on Amazon Business, you can reach B2B customers with customized offers. Targeted advertising measures, where you only pay for clicks, increase the visibility of your products. Amazon Global Selling enables worldwide sales, while Amazon helps you build and protect your brand. Financing options are available to you via the Amazon credit brokerage program and ING Germany. Whether it’s a sofa, washing machine or sports equipment, simple and convenient planning improves the customer experience for heavy and large deliveries.

Effizientes Multi-Channel-Management

Mit brickfox profitierst du von der nahtlosen Übernahme bestehender Amazon-Konten und Bewertungen, während unser System automatisch dein Sortiment nach deinen individuellen Regeln listet. Mit der
Möglichkeit zur direkten Aussteuerung deiner Artikel auf ASIN oder MultiASIN schaffen wir für dich eine intelligente und zeitsparende Lösung. Das kanalübergreifende Bestandsmanagement ermöglicht es dir, mehrere Vertriebskanäle optimal zu integrieren und verhindert effektiv Leerverkäufe.

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Optimized listing and price management

Our platform offers you comprehensive mapping of your item information to Amazon attributes, segments and marketplace categories (browse codes). You can define channel-specific item texts and prices and use time-controlled special prices. An interface to repricing tools ensures that you always offer competitive prices, while support for FBA
(Fulfillment by Amazon) and Seller Fulfilled Prime ensures the efficient
processing of your orders.

Integrated store management and reporting

Benefit from our full store integration for common store systems such as shopware, OXID esales or Magento. We offer a high degree of automation for all relevant processes, from order import to automatic feedback on order status, shipping, cancellations and returns. You also receive assortment
and channel-specific reports that give you important insights into the performance of your business. With us, you not only get a sales platform, but also a powerful tool for optimizing your sales strategy.

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The most important interfaces to Amazon


The Amazon interface connects your shopware store with Amazon channels worldwide. In addition, brickfox offers numerous other marketplace interfaces. You benefit from centralized product data management for your Amazon channels and other marketplaces, automated rule-based assortment management and cross-channel order and inventory management. Various brickfox multichannel plugins are available in the Shopware Community Store to connect your shopware store with Amazon.

Shopware 6 Plugin | Marketplace Interface
Shopware 5 Plugin | Marketplace Interface

If required, it is also possible to control your shopware store – and therefore all sales channels – from a central brickfox cockpit. The store and multishop control for Shopware 5 is currently available via the Shopware Community Store. For Shopware 6, please contact brickfox directly using the contact form below.

Shopware 5 Plugin | Marketplace interface incl. store control
Shopware 6 plugin | marketplace interface incl. store control (available via request form)


With brickfox Middleware Hub you connect your Oxidshop with Amazon and other marketplaces! Depending on the version of your Oxidshop, various brickfox modules are available in the OXID eXchange to connect your Oxidshop with Amazon, eBay & Co. If required, it is also possible to control your Oxidshop or several Oxidshops from the central brickfox cockpit.

brickfox Multichannel Modul for OXID 6
brickfox Multichannel Modul for OXID PE/EE 4.4.3 – 5.2.x
brickfox Multichannel Modul for OXID CE 4.4.3 – 4.9.x


With the Shopify Amazon interface, you can connect your Shopify store with Amazon worldwide. This allows you to manage your sales for all sales channels – your Shopify stores and marketplaces – centrally via brickfox. Your ERP, merchandise management system or existing PIM acts as the product data source. Channel-specific enrichment of your product data is possible via the brickfox Middleware Hub PIM. Amazon listing and product range management for your sales channels are automated according to rules you define. Thanks to intelligent order and inventory management, you benefit from a cross-channel update of all inventories on all channels integrated into the brickfox landscape.


With brickfox, you can connect Xentral ERP with Amazon and numerous other online marketplaces. In addition to interfaces to eBay, Otto Market, Kaufland, Bol or Cdiscount – to name just a few marketplace interfaces – brickfox has interfaces to various store systems. This enables you to manage all sales channels from one central system.


With brickfox you can connect various ERP and Wawi systems with Amazon in addition to the systems mentioned. A complete overview of the Amazon ERP interfaces / Amazon Wawi interfaces can be found on the linked page. If your existing system is not listed there, please ask for the current brickfox interface planning. We regularly expand our interface portfolio, so your system may already be on the agenda.


Would you like to become an Amazon retailer, but can’t find your existing middleware hub system in the brickfox interface overview? Then you have the option of connecting Amazon to your existing system via a data exchange format such as CSV, XML or BMEcat. Our experts will be happy to provide you with detailed information about this option.