Naturana controls Shopify Multishop System and Amazon from central brickfox Multichannel instance.

With brickfox and Shopify, the Swabian traditional company Naturana Lingerie is expanding its international online distribution. Naturana addresses the challenge of centrally managing Shopify shops & marketplaces with brickfox.

The German traditional company Naturana, headquartered in the Swabian Alps, has been producing and distributing lingerie for over 100 years. With 13 branches in Europe, Canada, and Hong Kong, as well as 700 employees, it is one of the global leaders in the women’s underwear sector. In order to expand its success from physical retail to the online sphere, Naturana relies on the Shopify e-commerce platform and the multichannel management solution provided by brickfox. This allows the company to efficiently control both its Shopify shop and various online marketplaces from a central system. This approach saves effort, reduces potential sources of error, and significantly simplifies e-commerce management. As a result, the company establishes the foundation for successful and sustainable online growth. Accordingly, both the online store and platforms like Amazon and Zalando are managed from the central brickfox multichannel cockpit.

Keyfeatures of the Shopify Multichannel Management

Central product data management for Shopify online shop & multistore systems

  • Product data management for Shopify online shop in brickfox PIM
  • Maintenance of product data such as item descriptions, prices, currencies and tax rates
  • Specific product data for different Shopify online shops / international shops with different languages possible
  • English online shop in planning
  • Multiple variant handling beyond shop functionality

Central product data management for Amazon, Zalando & Co.

  • amazon-specific product data management in brickfox PIM
  • zalando-specific product data management in brickfox PIM
  • Maintenance of item descriptions, prices, currencies and tax rates also possible for international Amazon sales
  • Other marketplaces can be easily integrated into the Naturana multichannel landscape if required

Automated assortment control for all channels

  • Automated control of products into the individual distribution channels
  • Automation of product range control according to individually defined rules
  • Additional virtual inventory management possible
  • Reporting and performance analysis for individual products

Cross-channel order & inventory management

  • Updating of stocks on all connected channels when orders are received
  • All stocks – both in the Naturana Shopifyshop and on Amazon & Zalando – are always up to date
  • Avoidance of overselling through cross-channel stock update

ERP Integration

  • Individual ERP as product data source
  • Data transfer via CSV Exchange
  • Orders are transferred to PSV Fulfillment

Sustainable & efficient into the future

  • easy connection of further Naturana country shops is possible at any time
  • easy connection of further online marketplaces from the brickfox marketplace portfolio possible at any time

Smart Online Growth | From the First Multichannel Step to a Complex Multichannel eCommerce Project

  1. Naturana launches German online shop and Amazon
  2. Further expansion through Zalando connection
  3. Expansion of the sales channel landscape to include new online marketplaces is possible at any time
  4. Further Shopify shops for the implementation of the internationalisation strategy in planning
  5. Integration of various Shopify online shops into the brickfox landscape is possible at any time
  6. Expansion of the assortments in your own shop up to the development of your own marketplace through the integration of external retailers, manufacturers & suppliers is feasible with brickfox

CONCLUSION: brickfox accompanies you from the first multichannel step to the complex multichannel eCommerce project.

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