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Effortless marketplace access

With the Intelligent Marketplace Network (IMN), you only need to register once and you can easily open accounts on various marketplaces. No need to fill in forms again and again. A single registration gives you access to a large number of platforms.

No technical know-how required

Integration into the IMN does not require any technical connection. Simply enter the API identifiers of your marketplace accounts and you can manage prices, delivery times and costs directly in your user interface.

Global presence without additional costs

With the IMN, you only pay the subscription for your home marketplace. There are no hidden fees or additional subscriptions for using different marketplaces. This gives you the freedom to have a global presence and tap into new markets without any financial hurdles standing in your way.

All-round service for your success

With the IMN, you not only get a platform, but also personal support in English. A dedicated account manager is at your side to help you get started with the new marketplaces. You also receive automatic offer translations so that you can operate smoothly between the platforms. Reach up to 230 million new customers with just one click and improve your visibility with tags such as “Cdiscount à Volonté”. This not only increases your competitiveness, but also allows you to benefit from the site’s highlights.

About Cdiscount

  • 10 million active customers
  • 23 million unique users per month
  • 2 million à Volonté Cdiscount customers

How the Cdiscount dealer program works

With Octopia Fulfillment Service, which is based on Cdiscount’s logistics expertise, you can conveniently ship products to your customers. By entrusting Cdiscount with your products, they take care of all logistical aspects. With Octopia Fulfillment, the sales volume of sellers increases by an impressive 80% on average. You receive your payments every ten days, which you can easily view in your seller area. In addition, the help center offers you daily support through webinars, tutorials and FAQs.

Optimize your processes with brickfox

As a Cdiscount retailer, you benefit from the many functions of the brickfox Cdiscount interface. Easily control product data management, order import and availability updates via a central system. The option of using Cdiscount Fulfilment via the brickfox interface is particularly interesting. You can integrate Cdiscount’s established logistics offering in France and benefit from a professional shipping service. This not only optimizes your daily processes, but also paves the way for successful and growth-oriented business development on the French market.

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Nationwide market access with Cdiscount

Cdiscount is one of the top-selling online marketplaces in France and offers a huge range of products. Thanks to the brickfox Cdiscount interface, you can seamlessly connect your online store to this marketplace. Benefit not only from an enormous reach, but also from an e-commerce-savvy audience that likes to shop online. This will open up new sales opportunities for you and strengthen your presence on the French market.

Efficient multichannel management

With the brickfox Cdiscount interface, you can go one step further and not only use Cdiscount, but also control numerous other online sales platforms and your own online store from a central system. This multichannel strategy allows you to efficiently operate Cdiscount and other platforms while simultaneously managing your online store. The brickfox interface supports you in the seamless integration of different sales channels, which not only ensures greater clarity, but also sustainable growth.

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