Your CSV, XML, BMEcat & API – Interface

Keep control of your backend processes and kickstart your multichannel online retail journey the right way. Connect your ERP system with marketplaces, online shops, your supply chain, and much more.

brickfox CSV Interface: Efficient Data Exchange

Our solution enables the import/export of sales-relevant product data via the CSV format. Effortlessly connect your eCommerce system with various online marketplaces and increase the visibility of your products.

XML & BMEcat: Versatility in Data Communication

Discover how brickfox ensures smooth communication between your online shop, merchandise management or ERP system, and marketplaces through XML and BMEcat. Our solutions are designed to present your products optimally.

CSV XML BMEcat Schnittstelle brickfox
CSV XML BMEcat schnittstelle brickfox pim

Comprehensive Interfaces: For Every eCommerce Landscape

Even if your shop or ERP system does not conform to the brickfox standard interfaces, we enable seamless integration. Our multichannel software flexibly adapts to your existing eCommerce structure.

Open Software Architecture with API Interfaces

Thanks to our open software architecture and API interfaces, we offer maximum flexibility for technical integration. Consult with your eCommerce agency to find the optimal solution for your requirements.

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