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Customer Advisory

at brickfox GmbH

At brickfox, we are committed to always putting the wants and needs of our partners at the centre of our considerations. The exchange with our most important customers is of central importance to us, and for this reason we have created our customer advisory council.




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Why the need of a Customer Advisory Council?

Through our customer advisory council, we create a platform for direct and open dialogue. Here, senior executives (division managers or higher) and managing directors of our partner companies come together with us to discuss brickfox’s strategic direction and ensure that we are always on the right course.

Your opinion counts

Your feedback, opinion and expertise are invaluable to us. Through the advisory council, we ensure that the voices of our customers are directly incorporated into our decision-making processes and that our solutions and strategies are optimally tailored to your needs.

Together into the future

We are firmly convinced that this close and ongoing exchange lays the foundation for a sustainable and successful partnership. At brickfox, we are proud to shape the future together with you.