Connect your online store with ease!

Maintain control over your backend processes and get off to a flying start in multichannel online retail. Connect your ERP system with marketplaces, online stores, your supply chain and much more.

Overview of the e-velopment interface

  • Central control
  • Individual customizations
  • Multichannel experience
  • Automated inventory management
  • Product information synchronization
  • Order and returns reconciliation
  • Efficient marketplace handling
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Multichannel building blocks for e-velopment

  • Central control Control all online marketplaces centrally.
  • Individual customization Customize product ranges, item texts and prices for each sales channel.
  • Automated inventory management Manage inventory effortlessly and effectively.
  • Product information synchronization Easily synchronize item names, description texts and prices.
  • Order and returns synchronization Synchronize orders, stocks and availabilities with ease.

About e-velopment

e-velopment is your e-commerce trailblazer! Founded in Hamburg in 2000, this company brings you the innovative 360e platform and cool software solutions (including smart apps) for your online business.