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Electronics. Household appliances. Books. Music. and much more.

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Pricing made simple

Export prices from competitors on FNAC DARTY to adjust your prices to the market and gain a competitive advantage.

Easy management

Access relevant data quickly. On FNAC DARTY, you can easily call up offer information, upload, update or delete offers.
Order management is just as easy.

Keep the overview

Access status and processing reports and keep track of ongoing imports.

Interaction with customers

Interact with your customers by retrieving and responding to customer comments or reacting to messages about offers or orders.

About FNAC

  • 36 million active customers
  • 20 million unique visitors per month
  • A wide range of product categories
  • No commitment, no cancellation fees

How the FNAC dealer program works

To promote your business and increase your sales, FNAC DARTY offers you personal advice, customized assistance and dedicated technical support. Integration via the API for price queries, orders and messages is also possible. Become an FNAC retailer and get exclusive placements in their newsletters, advertising space in banners and benefit from free commercial animations. You also get access to an extensive collection of marketing elements prepared for you by FNAC.

Efficient management for international reach

The brickfox-FNAC-DARTY interface allows you to seamlessly list your product range on the FNAC-DARTY marketplaces according to their specific specifications. By automating this process according to individually defined rules, you can manage your product range. In addition, the channel-specific enrichment of your product data offers you an optimal presentation of your products for French retailers by precisely matching the item information to the FNAC-DARTY categories, attributes and segments.

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Intelligent process automation and inventory management

The brickfox-FNAC-DARTY interface enables comprehensive attribute handling and simple integration of your store systems such as shopware or OXID esales. It also offers you intelligent inventory management that avoids short sales and optimizes ordering processes. Thanks to the automated order import and the feedback of order status, shipping, cancellations and returns, the interface ensures that your multichannel sales on the FNAC-DARTY marketplaces run smoothly.

Simplified multichannel landscape for optimized online retail

brickfox offers you a complete solution for your product data management by bringing clarity and efficiency to your multichannel landscape. With a high degree of automation of all relevant processes, your online trade is significantly simplified. By integrating your multichannel systems, adapting to the specifications of FNAC-DARTY and seamless coordination on various marketplaces, the brickfox interface supports you in optimizing your trade and making your company successful.

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