More visibility for your products – with Google Shopping

Your Google Shopping interface for online shop, ERP & Co.

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Maximum visibility for your products

Google Shopping puts your products exactly where potential customers are looking – directly in Google Search, on Google Maps and even on YouTube. This way, your products are presented in a targeted manner and seen by users who are ready to buy. This increased visibility increases the chance that customers will become aware of your offer and buy directly from you.

All information at a glance

With Google Shopping, potential buyers immediately receive all relevant information about your products – prices, availability, reviews and more. This transparency makes the purchase decision easier and strengthens trust in your offer. Your product range is not only presented in an appealing but also informative way.

Start for free and advertise flexibly

Google Shopping has been free to use since the end of 2020. You decide whether you only want to display your products organically or also place paid adverts to achieve even greater reach. This flexibility allows you to advertise the products that offer the best return on investment.

Google Merchant Centre – your pivotal point

The Google Merchant Centre is the heart of your Google Shopping presence. This is where you manage all your product data, such as prices, availability and descriptions. It allows you to submit up-to-date and correct information to Google and keep your product range up to date at all times. By linking to Google Ads, you can launch paid campaigns to increase your reach even further and reach more customers.

How the Google Shopping retailer programme works

Become part of an exclusive retailer programme and benefit from the extensive advantages of the brickfox interface and Google Shopping. The combination of both systems will make your online sales more efficient and effective. You will receive customised solutions that present your products in the best possible way and maximise sales opportunities. Use this opportunity to increase your sales through targeted online presence and professional support.

Simple integration and automatic synchronisation

The brickfox interface makes integrating your eCommerce platform with Google Shopping child’s play. Product data is synchronised automatically, saving you time and minimising errors. This means you can concentrate fully on your business and be sure that your data is always up to date.

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Central management of all product data

With brickfox, you can manage your product data centrally and clearly. Changes such as price updates or new product descriptions are transmitted to Google Shopping in real time. This ensures that your customers always receive the latest information and that you maintain an overview.

Optimisation through detailed analyses

brickfox offers you comprehensive analyses and reports on your Google Shopping campaigns. These valuable insights help you to understand the performance of your products and continuously optimise your strategies. This will help you achieve better visibility and increase your sales in the long term.

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The most important interfaces to Google Shopping


The Google Shopping interface connects your shopware shop with Google Shopping channels worldwide. In addition, brickfox offers numerous other marketplace interfaces. You benefit from centralised product data management for your Google Shopping channels and other marketplaces, automated rule-based product range management and cross-channel order and inventory management. Various brickfox multichannel plugins are available in the Shopware Community Store to connect your shopware shop with Google Shopping.

Shopware 6 Plugin | marketplace interface

If required, it is also possible to control your shopware shop – and thus all sales channels – from a central brickfox cockpit. For Shopware 6, please contact brickfox directly using the contact form below.

Shopware 6 plugin | marketplace interface incl. shop control (available via enquiry form)


With brickfox Middleware Hub you connect your Oxidshop with Google Shopping and other marketplaces! Depending on the version of your Oxidshop, various brickfox modules are available in the OXID eXchange to connect your Oxidshop with Google Shopping, eBay & Co. If required, it is also possible to control your Oxidshop or several Oxidshops from the central brickfox cockpit.

brickfox Multichannel Modul for OXID 6
brickfox Multichannel Modul for OXID PE/EE 4.4.3 – 5.2.x
brickfox Multichannel Modul for OXID CE 4.4.3 – 4.9.x


With the Shopify Google Shopping interface, you can connect your Shopify shop with Google Shopping worldwide. This allows you to manage your sales for all sales channels – your Shopify shops and marketplaces – centrally via brickfox. Your ERP, merchandise management system or existing PIM acts as the product data source. Channel-specific enrichment of your product data is possible via the brickfox Middleware Hub PIM. The Google Shopping listing and product range management for your sales channels are automated according to rules defined by you. Thanks to intelligent order and inventory management, you benefit from a cross-channel update of all inventories on all channels integrated into the brickfox landscape.


With brickfox, you can connect Xentral ERP with Google Shopping and numerous other online marketplaces. In addition to interfaces to eBay, Otto Market, Kaufland, Bol or Cdiscount – to name just a few marketplace interfaces – brickfox has interfaces to various shop systems. This enables you to manage all sales channels from one centralised system.


With brickfox you can connect various ERP and shopping cart systems with Google Shopping in addition to the systems mentioned. A complete overview of the Google Shopping ERP interfaces / Google Shopping Wawi interfaces can be found on the linked page. If your existing system is not listed there, please enquire about the current brickfox interface planning. We regularly expand our interface portfolio, so your system may already be on the agenda.


Would you like to become a Google Shopping retailer, but can’t find your existing middleware hub system in the brickfox interface overview? Then you have the option of connecting Google Shopping to your existing system via a data exchange format such as CSV, XML or BMEcat. Our experts will be happy to provide you with detailed information about this option.