Your key to success in online retail

Idealo interface for online shop, ERP & Co.

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Potential customers directly in your shop

Idealo directs high-quality traffic straight to you. Users are already at the end of the buying process and are ready to make a purchase decision. Use this opportunity to present your products in the best possible way and increase your sales.

Performance-based cost-turnover ratio

Unlike other marketing channels, with Idealo you only pay for actual clicks on your listings. This means that you only pay for the traffic that actually leads to sales. This makes Idealo an extremely cost-efficient marketing tool for your online shop.

Comprehensive visibility and trust

Idealo enjoys the trust of millions of consumers as an independent and trustworthy price comparison service. A listing on Idealo gives you a first-class presence and increases the awareness of your brand in German online retail.

Clear prerequisites for successful collaboration

Idealo places clear requirements on its partners so that you as a retailer can benefit optimally from Idealo. From product quality to payment processing.

How the Idealo retailer programme works

  1. Create your idealo business account Your e-mail address is all you need to get started. Simply register and get started.
  2. Enter the details of your shop We make it easy for you: simply fill in a few details. No cumbersome documents required.
  3. List your products Listing your products is child’s play with our step-by-step guide. Start selling your products immediately and reach millions of potential customers.

Efficient data management

With the Idealo interface from brickfox, you can manage your product data efficiently. Regardless of whether you want to present your products on Idealo, other price comparison portals or marketplaces, brickfox ensures smooth synchronisation of your data.

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Automated updating

Always keep your product data up to date without any manual effort. The interface enables automated updating of prices, availability and other relevant information so that your customers always see the correct data.

Scalable integration

Whether you run a small online shop or a large eCommerce company, the brickfox Idealo interface is scalable and adapts to your requirements. Easily integrate new sales channels and expand your reach without losing control of your product data.

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