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Use a variety of presentation options

Discover the many ways to present your products on From everyday marketing measures to special offers and promotions – find the perfect strategy to put your products in the spotlight.

Benefit from automated price updates

Forget manual price updates! With, your prices are always up to date. Seamless integration ensures that the prices of your products are automatically synchronised so that customers always see your latest offers.

Multichannel sales made easy

Reach a wide audience via different channels. Connect your ERP system, your Wawi and your online shop with and other platforms. Expand your reach and maximise your sales opportunities with just a few clicks.

Trust through reliability is backed by the renowned Visual Meta GmbH (Axel Springer SE). With over 62 million articles from more than 4,200 shops, offers a trustworthy platform for retailers and customers. Rely on this expertise to successfully market your products.

How the Ladenzeile retailer programme works

Join the exclusive retailer programme for and experience a variety of benefits designed to maximise your presence on the a member, you will not only receive personal support from the dedicated team, but also tailor-made solutions for your individual needs. ensures that you get the most out of your presence and the retailer programme offers you extended opportunities to present your products on Your products are given preferential placement in the marketplace, which increases your visibility and improves your sales opportunities. emphasises transparency and fairness and therefore offers a clear fee structure and fair conditions so that you know exactly what you are getting into. Join the merchant programme and experience how works with you to strengthen your presence and drive your eCommerce business forward!

Efficient connection of your systems

Whether you are a small retailer or run an established eCommerce company, with the brickfox interface you can easily connect your existing systems such as ERP and merchandise management. This allows you to optimise your processes and keep track of your sales and stock at all times.

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Automated data feeds for maximum reach

brickfox enables you to automatically create and optimise data feeds for a variety of platforms, including not only price comparison portals such as, but also marketplaces and other sales channels. Maximise your reach and increase your sales without the effort of manual feed creation.

Scalable solutions for your growth

Whether you’re just starting out or already running an established business, brickfox offers scalable solutions that grow with your business. From connecting additional sales channels to integrating new functions, brickfox supports you in continuously optimising and expanding your eCommerce activities.

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