Continue. Trade. With product catalog from Makaira.

Build the frontend for your online store in no time at all.

makaira produktkatalog

Create your storefront

The storefront allows you and your team to get started quickly in the world of headless – without any relaunch. SEO optimized, with a complete workflow for a quick launch.

Carry out A/B tests

Test your search results, your recommendations and the success of machine learning with your data at the click of a button and without any effort.

Make it easy for yourself with the page builder

With the page builder, you can effortlessly create landing pages, enrich your category pages and conjure up product views that drive up your conversion rate.

Everything at the touch of a button

Ready to launch? You don’t need to worry about anything except your content! The suite is ready for you at the touch of a button, the platform allows you to customize the whole thing to your style. If you wish, the Makaira Professional Service can also help you with the customizations and support your agency at the beginning.

Easy connection via your middleware hub PIM.

Get started straight away with the Makaira interface.

It’s that simple. As a brickfox customer, we connect you directly to Makaira via your brickfox Middleware Hub PIM. And the best part? You get all the features of the Makaira Startup Edition in the brickfox tariff for only 448,- Euro.

Makaira brickfox Edition angebot

Multilingual middleware hub PIM

Do you want to internationalize your business? With our multilingual middleware hub PIM, you can address your target markets worldwide and reach local customers with customized information.

mehrsprachiges ecommerce PIM
brickfox Mehrsprachiger produktkatalog

Multi-language user interface

The multilingual user interface – in English, French and many more. – allows you to work across national borders and collaborate with editors in their native language.

Interface to external data from suppliers and manufacturers

With our powerful interface, you can seamlessly transfer product information, stock levels and prices from your suppliers and manufacturers in real time. Save time and resources, we always keep your data up to date.

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