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Optimal customer care

Do you want to concentrate on your product while your customers are taken care of? With Marktkauf as your sales portal, you can be sure that customer service and communication with your buyers are in the experienced hands of service experts. Years of experience enable perfect support for a smooth process.

Overcome hurdles, increase sales figures

Online stores often face hurdles that can make the purchasing process more difficult. Marktkauf focuses on transparency – be it in shipping costs or payment methods. Complicated payment methods, opaque shipping costs and bumpy sales processes can put customers off. That’s why Marktkauf offers clear solutions so that you can concentrate on building your sales figures.

Uncomplicated credit notes

Marktkauf not only wants to make things easy for you, but also for your customers. That’s why we do away with complicated billing tools and instead offer flexible payment cycles for your credits – including customer credit checks. Simple, transparent and without unnecessary effort.

Effective communication and easy listing

Communication is the key to a successful partnership. At Marktkauf, you always have a qualified buyer at your side to clarify your questions and concerns. And with the innovative interface concept, Easy Listing, connecting your store to the marketplace is easier than ever before. You can present your offer in the store with just a few clicks. If your store system is not included, someone is ready to find the best solution for you. Communication made easy!

About Marktkauf

  • 300 million buyers worldwide
  • More than 120 stores in Germany
  • Reach of approx. 15,000 customers per week

How the Marktkauf retailer program works

The partner program at Marktkauf gives you access to many advertising materials such as advertising banners, text links, promotional codes and more. Choose from this large selection to present your products. With valid orders, you can look forward to an attractive commission on the shopping cart value. You can also take advantage of weekly promotions with tempting vouchers and enjoy regular product news and exclusive end customer offers. You can fully rely on a secure monthly payout. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Join the affiliate program now and maximize your earnings!

Automation and efficiency in multichannel management

Would you like to present your product range not only on Marktkauf, but also on other highly frequented marketplaces? The brickfox interface opens up new possibilities for you to offer your product range automatically on various platforms. Regardless of the type and number of your sales channels, with brickfox you can manage your entire online trade clearly and efficiently from a central system. Expand your multichannel landscape and maintain control over your entire product portfolio at all times.

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Intelligently connect your systems for seamless processes

Brickfox creates a seamless connection between your ERP system, your merchandise management system, your PIM or your online store and marketplaces. Your product data is provided automatically and according to your individual rules. Thanks to the channel-specific preparation in the brickfox Multichannel PIM, you retain control over the presentation of your products. Orders and relevant order information are intelligently reported back to your product data management system, and automated inventory management protects you from overselling.

Comprehensive functions for successful sales channel management

The Marktkauf interface from brickfox offers a variety of powerful functions that make it easier for you to manage your sales channels. From the listing of your product catalog to the automated control of product data and the adaptation of item descriptions. The ability to control special prices and cross-channel inventory management to avoid short sales offer you additional security. Integration with common store systems and a high degree of automation of all relevant processes make brickfox an indispensable tool for efficient and sustainable eCommerce management.

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The most important interfaces to Marktkauf


The Marktkauf interface connects your shopware store with Marktkauf channels worldwide. In addition, brickfox offers numerous other marketplace interfaces. You benefit from centralized product data management for your Marktkauf channels and other marketplaces, automated rule-based assortment management and cross-channel order and inventory management. Various brickfox multichannel plugins are available in the Shopware Community Store to connect your shopware store with Marktkauf.

Shopware 6 Plugin | marketplace interfaces
Shopware 5 Plugin | marketplace interfaces

If required, it is also possible to control your shopware store – and therefore all sales channels – from a central brickfox cockpit. The store and multishop control for Shopware 5 is currently available via the Shopware Community Store. For Shopware 6, please contact brickfox directly using the contact form above.

Shopware 5 Plugin | marketplace interface incl. store control
Shopware 6 Plugin | Marketplace interface incl. store control (available via request form)


With the brickfox middleware you can connect your Oxidshop with Marktkauf and other marketplaces! Depending on the version of your Oxidshop, various brickfox modules are available in the OXID eXchange to connect your Oxidshop with Marktkauf, eBay & Co. If required, it is also possible to control your Oxidshop or several Oxidshops from the central brickfox cockpit.
brickfox Multichannel Modul for OXID 6
brickfox Multichannel Modul for OXID PE/EE 4.4.3 – 5.2.x
brickfox Multichannel Modul for OXID CE 4.4.3 – 4.9.x


With the Shopify Marktkauf interface, you can connect your Shopify store with Marktkauf worldwide. This allows you to manage your sales for all sales channels – your Shopify stores and marketplaces – centrally via brickfox. Your ERP, merchandise management system or existing PIM acts as the product data source. Channel-specific enrichment of your product data is possible via the brickfox Multichannel PIM. The Marktkauf listing and product range management for your sales channels are automated according to rules you define. Thanks to intelligent order and stock management, you benefit from a cross-channel update of all stocks on all channels integrated into the brickfox landscape.


With brickfox, you can connect Xentral ERP with Marktkauf and numerous other online marketplaces. In addition to interfaces to eBay, Otto Market, Kaufland, Bol or Cdiscount – to name just a few marketplace interfaces – brickfox has interfaces to various store systems. This enables you to manage all sales channels from one central system.


With brickfox you can connect various ERP and Wawi systems with Marktkauf in addition to the systems mentioned. A complete overview of the Marktkauf ERP interfaces can be found on the linked page. If your existing system is not listed there, please ask for the current brickfox interface planning. We regularly expand our interface portfolio, so your system may already be on the agenda.


Would you like to become a Marktkauf retailer, but can’t find your existing middleware hub system in the brickfox interface overview? Then you have the option of connecting Marktkauf to your existing system via a data exchange format such as CSV, XML or BMEcat. Our experts will be happy to provide you with detailed information about this option.