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MediaMarkt interface for automated, efficient & sustainable multichannel retailing

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Maximize your market reach

Would you like to significantly increase your presence in the consumer electronics sector? MediaMarkt offers you the chance to reach more than 21 million potential customers and multiply your reach exponentially. Access Europe’s No. 1 in consumer electronics and position your products in front of an enormous target group.

Generate additional sales

Would you like to generate additional sales on two of the top 10 online stores in Germany, which record over 65 million unique visits per month? This is possible thanks to MediaMarkt and Saturn. Become part of the marketplace and benefit from the high demand.

Expand your web presence across Europe

Would you like to expand your online presence and be part of a Europe-wide marketplace expansion? MediaMarkt offers you the right platform. Integrate yourself into the European store network, expand your presence across national borders and successfully position your brand on the consumer electronics market.

You decide how you sell

With 35 million website visits every day, MediaMarkt offers you an impressive market reach. You retain complete control over your offer. Decide for yourself what you want to sell, when and at what price. Enjoy maximum flexibility without rigid notice periods. You also have a personal contact person at your disposal during the onboarding process and the development of your store.

About MediaMarkt

  • 300 million buyers worldwide
  • 270 stores throughout Germany
  • 8.9 million myMediaMarkt members

Efficient multichannel management

Do you want to sell your products not only on, but also on other platforms? With the brickfox Multichannel Middleware Hub, you can centralize and automate your sales channel management for MediaMarkt and beyond. The bidirectional brickfox-MediaMarkt interface enables automated data exchange according to the rules you define. Products are exported, orders imported and stock synchronized across all integrated channels. You retain full control over your product data in the brickfox PIM and can maintain it according to MediaMarkt’s specifications.

mediamarkt brickfox pim
mediamarkt brickfox datenaustausch uch

Optimal store control

Would you like to manage not only marketplaces, but also your online store from a central system? brickfox not only offers integration with marketplaces, but also store control (depending on the store system). Automatic listing of your product range, channel-specific article texts and prices, order import with automatic feedback on order status, shipping, cancellations and returns – all this is efficiently controlled by the interface. It also offers full integration for common store systems and a high degree of automation for all relevant processes.

Intelligent functions for success in eCommerc

The brickfox MediaMarkt interface includes important functions that increase your eCommerce success. Automatic listing of your product range according to your own rules, channel-specific item texts and prices, intelligent inventory management to avoid short sales, cross-channel inventory management when integrating multiple sales channels – all this is made possible by the interface. It also offers full store integration for common store systems and interfaces to repricing tools. With brickfox, your eCommerce becomes more efficient, more successful and easier to manage.

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The most important interfaces to MediaMarkt


The MediaMarkt interface connects your Shopware online store with and/or This allows you to benefit from centralized product data management for both Mediamarkt and other marketplaces, automated rule-based assortment management and intelligent order and inventory management. Various brickfox multichannel plugins are available in the Shopware Community Store to connect your shopware store with MediaMarkt. The Shopware MediaMarkt interface is available with and without store control … for both Shopware 5 and Shopware 6.

Shopware 6 Plugin | marketplace interface
Shopware 5 Plugin | marketplace interface

If required, it is possible to control shopware stores AND marketplaces from a central brickfox cockpit. The MediaMarkt interface incl. store and multishop control for Shopware 5 is currently available via the Shopware Community Store. If you are interested in the MediaMarkt interface incl. store and multishop control for Shopware 6, please contact brickfox directly using the contact form above.

Shopware 5 Plugin | marketplace interface incl. shop control
Shopware 6 Plugin | Marketplace interface incl. store control (available via request form)


With the brickfox middleware you connect your Oxidshop bidirectionally with and Depending on the version of your Oxidshop, various brickfox modules are available in the OXID eXchange to connect your Oxidshop with MediaMarkt. If required, it is also possible to control your Oxidshop or several Oxidshops from the central brickfox cockpit.

brickfox Multichannel Modul for OXID 6
brickfox Multichannel Modul for OXID PE/EE 4.4.3 – 5.2.x
brickfox Multichannel Modul for OXID CE 4.4.3 – 4.9.x


Brickfox connects your Magento online store / your Adobe interface with and You benefit from centralized product data management for MediaMarkt and all connected marketplaces in your brickfox multichannel landscape, automated rule-based assortment management in the channels and intelligent order and inventory management. Thanks to a bidirectional interface, the latter ensures cross-channel stock reconciliation. This means that stocks are always up to date in all connected systems – regardless of the type and number of sales channels.


With brickfox you connect your Shopify store with and/or From a central brickfox cockpit, you control your sales on all sales channels – both on MediaMarkt and other marketplaces as well as in your Shopify online store. As a product data source, brickfox accesses your ERP, your merchandise management system or your existing PIM. MediaMarkt-specific enrichment of your product data can be carried out in the brickfox PIM. Assortment management is automated according to the rules you define, while intelligent order and inventory management ensures cross-channel updates of orders and stocks.


The MediaMarkt interface from brickfox connects your ERP system, your WaWi or your PIM with and By integrating your existing system into the brickfox landscape, you have the option of serving other marketplaces in addition to MediaMarkt and centrally controlling all sales channels – including your online store, depending on your store system. An overview of the ERP systems that can be integrated into the brickfox landscape via standardized interfaces can be found here. If your product data management system is not listed here, data can be exchanged via the brickfox CSV interface.


Data exchange with and is also possible via the brickfox XML or CSV interface. This option can be used if your existing store, your ERP or your PIM are not among the systems that brickfox integrates via a standard interface.