Nature & Découvertes for your business success

Your French market. For more sustainability. Quality and ethics.

Nature Decouvertes Schnittstelle brickfox

Outdoor adventures, wellness and more

Discover the world of Nature & Découvertes and find the ideal place for your products in the sales categories such as outdoor and adventure, wellness and beauty, home and garden, as well as science and education. You will also find buyers for unique and innovative items on Nature & Découvertes. Attract the attention of environmentally conscious customers and present your sustainable products to a discerning audience.

Transparent costs and fair conditions for you

Nature & Découvertes attaches great importance to transparency and fairness. As a seller, you pay a commission of 15% on the total sales price and a monthly subscription fee of €39.90. Benefit from clear sales conditions – without registration fees or hidden costs. Your commission fee covers payment processing, customer service and targeted marketing measures to promote your products.

Focus on customer satisfaction

With Nature & Découvertes, sellers commit to customer-friendly sales conditions. This is how you create added value for your customers: Returns are accepted within 14 days, with the seller bearing the return costs. A punctual delivery percentage of at least 95%, quick responses to customer inquiries within 24 hours and clear delivery times (max. 10 days standard shipping, 3 days express shipping) ensure a positive buying experience.

Quality-oriented partnership

Nature & Découvertes is more than a marketplace – it is a community of quality-oriented sellers. Partner suppliers are subject to strict specifications, from product design to environmental and social assessment. As a seller, you will share the values, provide quality customer service, be registered with the RCS in France and comply with all marketplace and VAT regulations. Become part of a partnership based on quality, ethics and responsibility.

Nature & Découvertes briefly explained

Nature & Découvertes gives you the unique opportunity to showcase your sustainable and ethical products to a wide audience of eco-conscious consumers. As a French retailer with a clear focus on nature, outdoor activities and well-being, Nature & Découvertes offers a first-class platform for sellers like you. Here you can not only showcase your products, but also benefit from strong links to sustainability, ethics and innovative products.

Product integration and automation

Benefit from linking your online store, ERP system or merchandise management system with Nature & Découvertes and other markets. With the brickfox interface, you can automatically export your product data, import orders and update stocks on various platforms – all according to your own rules and specifications.

Nature Decouvertes brickfox pim
Nature Decouvertes brickfox datenaustausch uch

Channel-specific data processing and PIM use

Use the brickfox PIM for the customized preparation of your product data. The Nature & Découvertes interface is available with or without store control, depending on your store system, so that you can flexibly adapt how your products are presented.

Clear and efficient control of online trading

The brickfox Multichannel Middleware Hub gives you centralized control of all sales channels. With automation and integration, it offers a simple and effective way to control and optimize your sales activities.

Nature Decouvertes brickfox schnittstelle

The most important interfaces to Nature & Découvertes


The Nature & Découvertes interface connects your Shopware online store with Nature & Découvertes. This allows you to benefit from centralized product data management for Nature & Découvertes and other marketplaces, automated rule-based product range management and intelligent order and inventory management. Various brickfox multichannel plugins are available in the Shopware Community Store to connect your Shopware store with Nature & Découvertes.

The Shopware Nature & Découvertes interface is available with and without store control. If you are interested in the Nature & Découvertes interface incl. shop and multishop control for Shopware 6, please contact brickfox directly using the contact form below.

To activate the plugins, you need an active brickfox client in the form of a live system or a demo client.

Shopware 6 Plugin | marketplace interface

Shopware 6 Plugin | Marketplace Interface incl. store control (available via request form)


brickfox connects your Magento online store / your Adobe Commerce platform with Nature & Découvertes and other marketplaces. You benefit from centralized product data management for Nature & Découvertes and all connected marketplaces in your multichannel landscape, automated rule-based assortment management in the channels and intelligent order and inventory management. The latter ensures cross-channel stock reconciliation thanks to bidirectional interface functionality. Regardless of the type and number of sales channels, the stocks in all connected systems are always up to date.


With the brickfox Middleware Hub you connect Oxidshop bidirectionally with Nature & Découvertes and other marketplaces. Depending on the version of your Oxidshop, various brickfox modules are available in the OXID eXchange to connect your Oxidshop with Nature & Découvertes & Co. If required, it is also possible to control your Oxidshop or several Oxidshops from the central brickfox cockpit.

brickfox Multichannel Modul for OXID 6
brickfox Multichannel Modul for OXID PE/EE 4.4.3 – 5.2.x
brickfox Multichannel Modul for OXID CE 4.4.3 – 4.9.x


With the Shopify Nature & Découvertes interface from brickfox, you can connect your Shopify store with Nature & Découvertes. From the central brickfox cockpit, you control sales on all sales channels – both in your Shopify online store and on marketplaces such as Nature & Découvertes, Amazon & Co. The channel-specific enrichment of your product data takes place in the brickfox eCommerce PIM, which was specially developed for the requirements of the Multichannel Middleware Hub. Assortment management is automated according to your rules. Intelligent order and inventory management ensures that orders and stocks are updated across all channels.


The Nature & Découvertes interface from brickfox connects your ERP system, your ERP or your PIM with Nature & Découvertes. By integrating your existing system into the brickfox landscape, you have the option of serving other marketplaces in addition to Nature & Découvertes and centrally controlling all sales channels – including your online store, depending on your store system. An overview of the ERP systems that can be integrated into the brickfox landscape via standardized interfaces can be found here. If your product data management system is not listed here, product data can be exchanged via the brickfox CSV interface.


Data exchange with Nature & Découvertes is also possible via the brickfox XML or CSV interface. This option can be used if your existing store, your ERP or your PIM are not among the systems that brickfox integrates via a standard interface.