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Attractive commissions

Generous commission rates at ensure that your efforts are reflected directly in your bank account. With Awin you have the opportunity to achieve your financial goals and at the same time benefit from a wide range of products on all topics.

Discover the variety

At you can expect a wide range of products on every conceivable topic. Whether you’re looking for food, household goods, electronics or fashion. Your potential customers will love the selection and you can specifically advertise products that match their interests.

Weekly promotions and attractive vouchers

Surprise your community with weekly promotions and attractive vouchers! Keep your finger on the pulse and benefit from regular special offers. Our partner companies not only offer high-quality products, but also tempting discounts.

Security and predictability not only offers you great products and promotions, but also reliability. A guaranteed monthly payout ensures security and predictability so that you can concentrate on the essentials.

Maximum sales

Are you an online retailer and want to get off to a flying start? With the Netto interface from brickfox, you can integrate your system with Whether online store, ERP, merchandise management or PIM – brickfox creates a seamless connection. This gives you clear and structured commerce not only on, but also on other platforms such as Amazon, eBay and Otto. Multichannel sales management in the brickfox PIM guarantees an overview and efficiency, no matter how many sales channels you serve.

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Clevere Features

The interface from brickfox not only offers access to Netto, but also numerous functions. From the listing of the product catalog to the automated control of product data and the adaptation of article descriptions. brickfox makes it easy. Mapping to net attributes, segments and marketplace categories ensures optimal presentation, while special prices, order import and automatic feedback keep you in the driver’s seat. Cross-channel inventory management prevents short sales, while interfaces to store systems and the integration of ERP, merchandise management or PIM make work easier.

Key to effortless multichannel success

brickfox makes multichannel selling not only possible, but also effortless. The interface is just the beginning – with brickfox you can integrate seamlessly into platforms such as Amazon, eBay and Otto. Multichannel sales management in the brickfox PIM and automated sales channel management make it easy to present your products on different platforms without losing track. Maximize the reach of your products while minimizing your workload. brickfox ensures an efficient sales process from listing your catalog to inventory management. The key to effortless multichannel success is in your hands – with brickfox.

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