Makaira interface: Data-based online catalogues

22 Aug 2023

Easy creation and sophisticated presentation of data-driven online product catalogues for industry and trade with the new brickfox interface to Makaira.

The catalogue. In the past a thick tome to leaf through. Today a smart online application. Especially in the B2B sector it is hard to imagine life without it. Manufacturers and retailers show their products clearly and concisely in the B2B online catalogue … without having to “build in” complex shop functionality.
brickfox customers who use the Unified Commerce Hub have the possibility to present their products in a sophisticated online catalogue frontend via a new interface to Makaira. The products available in brickfox serve as the data basis for the online catalogue. These can be transferred directly to the Makaira frontend or – if required – prepared or enriched in the brickfox PIM. For example, you can create online catalogues in different languages for the international market … or catalogues with daily prices … or another online catalogue according to your business model.
With the new catalogue frontend, brickfox & Makaira open up new, simple ways of presenting products clearly. Let us advise you now!

makaira produktkatalog

Your advantages with the brickfox Makaira catalogue

  • Multilingual eCommerce PIM / Product Information Management System
  • Interface to external data from suppliers and manufacturers
  • Convenient product data management with own user administration and workflows
  • Multilingual user interface – e.g. in English, French or other languages – enables you to use the system across national borders and to work with editors in your native language
  • Mapping of attributes, variants and bundles for optimal presentation of your assortment
  • The modular structure of the brickfox software enables the quick implementation of further functions such as multichannel sales on various online marketplaces as soon as they are needed