PAQATO – Multichannel excellence for your e-commerce future

Your smart solution for smooth e-commerce management and delighted customers

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Efficient dispatch communication

Personalize and automate your shipping messages independently of shipping service providers. Increase customer loyalty with targeted, appealing information during the shipping process.

Customer loyalty through marketplace integration

PAQATO builds a bridge between the marketplace and your own store. Convince platform buyers to store regularly in your own store. Increase customer loyalty and generate sustainable sales.

Efficient returns management

PAQATO’s returns portal revolutionizes the way you process returns. Simplify the process for your customers and yourself. Clear structures and smart functions make returns management child’s play.

Customizable track & trace pages

Give your logistics a personalized touch. Customize the Track & Trace pages to your store design to ensure a consistent brand experience. Make shipping not only efficient, but also stylish.

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Independence from shipping service providers

Thanks to the brickfox PAQATO interface, you have control over your shipping communication. Free yourself from the restrictions of traditional shipping service providers and design the communication according to your own standards.

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Automated customer communication

Your time is valuable – automate messages and increase customer loyalty without additional effort. Use PAQATO to accompany customers throughout the entire parcel journey and encourage positive interactions.

Clear shipping analyses

Rely on detailed shipping analytics to better understand the performance of your shipping partners. The clear insights will help you make informed decisions and continuously optimize your shipping process.

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