With Sage 100 – wherever you want.

Maintain control of your backend processes and get off to a flying start in multichannel online retail. Connect your ERP system with marketplaces, online stores, your supply chain and much more.

The Sage 100 interface at a glance

  • Multilingual PIM system
  • Multichannel sales
  • International store management
  • Standard interface to Sage 100
  • Automatic data synchronization
  • Returns management
  • External data connection
Sage Schnittstelle brickfox

Marketplace management for Sage 100

  • Central control Control all online marketplaces centrally.
  • Iindividual adjustments
    Customize product ranges, article texts and prices for each sales channel.
  • Mapping of product data Customize product data to channel attributes and categories.
  • Bidirectional control Manage stock, orders and order status seamlessly with Sage.
  • Efficient returns management
    Cancellation and returns processes are controlled directly with Sage and reported back to the sales channels.

Multi-shop management for Sage 100

  • Product data management for Sage
    Create new products and update existing data easily.
  • User administration
    Manage users based on a user, role and rights system.
  • Complex handling of product options
    Control attributes, variants, options and bundles effortlessly.
  • Price management
    Manage prices, special prices and graduated prices on a time-controlled basis.
  • Assignment of additional articles Assign accessories, cross-selling and upselling articles.
  • Image and media management
    Maintain your own image and media management.
Sage schnittstelle brickfox pim

About the Sage integration

Our interface, developed together with our integration partner HTK, creates a seamless connection between brickfox and Sage Office Line. Smoothly transfer all relevant data between your ERP system and the marketplaces of your choice.

We bring structure to your multichannel management and make e-commerce simple and efficient! Your success starts here with brickfox.