Stylight: Your path to data-driven success in eCommerce

Precise insights, customised strategies, rapid growth

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Gain comprehensive insights

Would you like to track the success of your sales campaigns in detail? The sales tracking solution offers you comprehensive insights into the performance of your campaigns on Stylight. This ensures that you always know exactly how your products are performing and which marketing channels are most effective. With these insights, you can make informed decisions to continuously improve your sales strategies and increase your profitability.

Optimise your strategies

Analyse your data and optimise your strategies. With Stylight, you can monitor your sales data in real time and recognise trends at an early stage. A/B tests allow you to compare different approaches and use the results to optimise your future campaigns. This ensures that your resources are utilised efficiently and that you achieve maximum success.

Simply increase your profitability

Use customised CPC bids to improve the ranking of your products on Stylight and thus generate more traffic and more sales. Tailoring your bids to specific keywords, audiences or product categories ensures that your adverts get exactly the right visibility to appeal to potential customers. The result? A higher conversion rate and increased profitability for your sales campaigns.

Use powerful tools

Maximise your success by making the most of the powerful tools and services. A variety of additional features help you achieve your sales goals. From automated reports to advanced targeting options, you have all the tools you need to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

About Stylight

  • 90 Mio customers per year
  • 1,000 +Retailers & brands
  • 50+ Tsd brands
  • 11 markets

How the Stylight dealer programme works

Join the Stylight merchant programme and reach a large, global audience with our elegant fashion and lifestyle search engine. With the product listing and advertising solutions, you can achieve your business goals by directing ready-to-buy customers to your website. You only pay for the users who actually show interest in your products and are redirected to your website. Increase your sales, traffic and brand awareness by becoming part of our network of high-quality online shops.

Optimise your processes with brickfox

Take advantage of the opportunity to connect your online shop, ERP system or merchandise management system with Stylight and other markets. With the brickfox Stylight interface, you can automatically export your product data, import orders and update stock on various platforms – all according to your own rules and specifications.

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Channel-specific data processing and PIM utilisation

Experience the customised preparation of your product data with the brickfox PIM. The Stylight interface is available with or without shop control, depending on your shop system, so that you can flexibly customise how your products are presented.

Clearly structured and efficient management of eCommerce

Thanks to the Multichannel Middleware Hub from brickfox, you can control all sales channels centrally. Through automation and integration, it offers an uncomplicated and effective way to monitor and improve your sales activities.

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