Your key to ultimate control in multichannel online trade!

Maintain control over your backend processes and get off to a flying start in multichannel online retail. Connect your ERP system with marketplaces, online stores, your supply chain and much more.

Overview of the PIXI interface

  • Efficient multilingual PIM system (Product Information Management)
  • Multichannel sales on all major platforms
  • International store & multishop control
  • Seamless integration with the pixi mail order software
  • Automatic comparison of stocks and orders
  • Connection of external data sources
Pixi Schnittstelle brickfox
Pixi Schnittstelle brickfox

Marketplace management for PIXI

  • Centralized control: Control all marketplaces from one platform
  • Mapping to channel attributes and categories: Optimize product display by mapping to channel-specific attributes and categories
  • Bidirectional control: Seamlessly control inventory and order status between brickfox and pixi
  • Cancellations and returns management: Leave the cancellation and returns management to brickfox and pixi
  • Control multiple pixi clients: Simplify workflows by controlling multiple pixi clients
  • Import existing product data: Integrate product data from various online stores
  • Control pixi shipping logistics: Optimize shipping logistics in pixi by using channel- or product-specific attributes

Multishop management with PIXI

  • Versatile control: Simple management of online marketplaces and multi-shop systems.
  • Product data management: New creation and updating directly via brickfox.
  • User management: Clear team management through user, role and rights system.
  • Handling of products: Easy coping with attributes, variants, options and bundles.
  • Price strategy management: Control over prices, special prices and graduated prices.
  • Product allocations: Simple allocation of accessories, cross-selling and upselling items.
  • Image and media management: Centralized management of images and media in brickfox.
Pixi schnittstelle brickfox pim

About PIXI

With pixi, eCommerce companies optimize all warehouse logistics and omnichannel backend processes, from barcode-supported pick and pack processes in the warehouse to order dispatch and dispatch tracking. Optional ERP functionalities, such as customer service, purchasing, payment management or DATEV export, round off the solution. Thanks to API web services and standard interfaces, pixi can be flexibly connected to existing store systems, ERP solutions and other existing IT system landscapes. Online players, direct-to-consumer brands and fulfillment providers, including,, and, use pixi successfully.