Multichannel success with Brickfox and VS/4

Maintain control over your backend processes and get off to a flying start in multichannel online retail. Connect your ERP system with marketplaces, online stores, your supply chain and much more.

Overview of the VS/4 interface

  • Multichannel control with VS/4
  • Connection to Amazon, eBay, Otto and more
  • Central control of backend processes
  • Optimization for multichannel online retail
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Multichannel modules for VS/4:

  • Multilingual PIM: International product information management system.
  • Multichannel sales: Sales on important online marketplaces through to POS terminals.
  • Store & multishop control: International control over stores.
  • Standard interface: Seamless integration with D&G mail order system VS4.
  • Automatic synchronization: stocks, orders, cancellations and returns management.
  • Connection of external data: Integration of supplier and manufacturer data.

Marketplace management for VS/4:

  • Centralized control: All online marketplaces under control.
  • Individual adjustments: Customize product ranges, item texts and prices for each sales channel.
  • Mapping of product data: Precise mapping to channel attributes and categories.
  • Bidirectional control: VS/4 seamlessly synchronizes stocks, orders and cancellations.
  • Direct returns processing: Brickfox manages returns directly with VS/4 and updates the sales channels.
Sage schnittstelle brickfox pim
Sage Schnittstelle brickfox

(Multi-)Shop Management for VS/4:

  • Control center for online retail: Brickfox PIM as the hub for your product data.
  • User management: Comprehensive control thanks to user, role and rights system.
  • Complex handling of attributes: Easy management of attributes, variants, options and bundles.
  • Price management: Flexible control of prices, special prices and graduated prices.
  • Allocation of articles: Clever allocation of accessories, cross-selling and upselling articles.
  • Own image and media management: Full control over your visual content.

About VS/4

Get the most out of your multichannel e-commerce with the Brickfox VS/4 interface. Easily connect to the top online marketplaces, manage your stores centrally and optimize your sales channels. Brickfox and VS/4 – the unbeatable combination for your online success!