3 brands. 3 shopware shops. Marketplaces. Centrally managed with brickfox Multichannel.

Leading manufacturer & retailer of model railway accessories and model landscaping launches eCommerce landscape with brickfox and Shopware 6 …

3 brands. 3 multishops. 3 eBay channels… and soon 3 Amazon channels on top. NOCH GmbH & Co. KG is on a successful path of expansion in the online retail sector. As a leading manufacturer and distributor of model railway accessories and model landscaping products, NOCH GmbH & Co. KG is entering the world of multichannel commerce with brickfox and Shopware 6. After migrating the brand shops noch.de/.com, modellbaunatur.de/.com, and www.ziterdes.de/.com to Shopware 6, brickfox connects the 3 multishop systems with 3 eBay channels — one for each brand.

As the multichannel landscape expands with brand differentiation and various channels need to be coordinated, there’s a significant need for simplifying eCommerce structures. This is where NOCH GmbH & Co. KG relies on brickfox. The multichannel software centralizes data management, automates assortment control on marketplaces, and handles inventory updates when items are sold. It doesn’t matter on which channel an item changes ownership, as all inventory updates are centrally controlled through brickfox and apply to all distribution channels within the brickfox ecosystem — across all 6 Shopware shops, the 3 eBay channels, and, currently in the planning phase, the 3 Amazon channels.

Step by step, new distribution channels can be integrated into the NOCH eCommerce landscape with brickfox. The system is now infinitely scalable and maintains its clarity, structure, and efficiency even as the number of distribution channels increases.

Key features of Multichannel Management for Shopware 6

3 brands – 3 multishops

  • brickfox connects 3 multi-shop systems based on Shopware 6 with marketplaces
  • brickfox centralises and automates marketplace management
  • bidirectional interface (export product data / import orders & stock)
  • Central marketplace management for the following brand shops: noch.de – noch.com / ziterdes.de – ziterdes.com / modellnatur.de – modellnatur.com
  • Further brands/online shops based on Shopware can be integrated into the brickfox landscape without any problems at any time.

3 eBay (brand) channels

  • Control of 3 eBay channels via brickfox
  • each brand is online with its own eBay channel
  • Channel-specific preparation of product data in brickfox PIM
  • Automated product range management
  • Cross-channel order and inventory management
  • (in all eBay channels as well as in Shopware shops)
  • Expansion of the centrally controlled marketplace landscape to include one Amazon channel per brand in planning
  • Expansion of the centrally controlled multi-channel landscape to include other marketplaces is possible at any time without any problems.

The most important brickfox connections of Noch GmbH & Co. KG in overview:

Ebay Connector for Shopware 6

To cater to the distinct target audiences of the Noch, Ziterdes, and Modellbaunatur brands according to their needs, the multichannel landscape of NOCH GmbH & Co. KG is structured into different brand shops and brand-specific eBay channels. All three eBay channels are centrally managed from a brickfox cockpit. Thus, brickfox functions as a bidirectional Shopware 6-eBay interface, assigning an eBay channel to each multishop system, centralizing data management, automating assortment control, and coordinating orders and inventory across channels.

Brickfox offers highly flexible and versatile options for various distribution channel control scenarios. For instance, multiple eBay channels — such as those for different countries — can be managed from a single shop, or assortments from different shops can be consolidated into a single eBay channel. Various scenarios are already in use based on the diverse needs of our retailers. Feel free to consult with us regarding the requirements of your eCommerce landscape for brickfox!

Amazon Connector for Shopware 6

The Shopware 6 to Amazon integration is currently in the planning phase at NOCH. brickfox provides a comprehensive, bidirectional Shopware 6 to Amazon interface with the capability for brand-specific differentiation across various country channels. For precise information and details about the brickfox Connector for Amazon, you can find them here.

Shopware Markets vs. brickfox full version

With the capability to connect different Amazon or eBay channels for various brands or international presence to Shopware, brickfox can be a meaningful “extension” of Shopware Markets. This way, retailers can start with 1 Amazon and/or 1 eBay channel per online shop, making a good entry into multichannel commerce with Shopware Markets. However, if there’s a desire to expand the distribution channel landscape or opt for a professional integration service, brickfox comes into play. In addition to various Amazon and eBay channels, brickfox offers numerous marketplace interfaces like Otto Market, Kaufland, Cdiscount, or bol (to name just a few).

Upgrading to brickfox is simple and straightforward, as Shopware Markets operates on the technical foundation of brickfox. With the brickfox full version, the range of applications and functionality expands. If you need more information about the differences between Shopware Markets and the brickfox full version, we recommend checking out our Möbel Rieger Case Study. Möbel Rieger has successfully transitioned from Shopware Markets to brickfox.

Vierpunkt | Our Shopware Recommendation

Together with the shopware agency VIERPUNKT, we implemented this smart multichannel project. The VIERPUNKT team convinces with innovative know-how, intelligent implementation and reliability … in other words, the cooperation is excellent! In this sense, VIERPUNKT is our current recommendation for your new Shopware project!