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What does the brickfox Multichannel Middleware Hub offer you?

Multichannel e-commerce with brickfox stands for the automated, rule-based import/export of product data, orders, stocks, returns and cancellations. A large number of channels can be controlled with the help of our solution.

Possible channels

  • Public marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Otto Market, Bol and many more.
  • Own online store / multi-shop
  • Exclusive sales platforms such as, or
  • B2B marketplaces such as or Amazon business
  • Mobile marketplaces such as Shopgate, own APP etc.
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Key Components

Marketplace management
  • Virtual inventory management for optimal supply control of your articles across all sales channels.
  • Optimal multichannel online marketing by maintaining channel-specific product information such as your own item names, prices, description texts and images.
  • Internationalization: Customize the description text, language, prices, tax rates and currency for each channel.
  • Matching your product groups/categories with the specific marketplace categories.
  • Complex handling of variant and multi-variant articles – even different for each channel.
  • Import/export via XML, CSV, Bmecat, OpenTrans.
  • Transmission and mapping of attributes and attribute values with the marketplaces.
Online store management
  • Connection of numerous online stores with their own layout and domain
  • Central, shop-independent product data management for all stores
  • Different product ranges, prices, offers, etc. for each store
  • International trade through flexible choice of language, currency and VAT rate
  • Cross-shop inventory management (minimum stocks, maximum stocks, virtual stocks)
  • Control of several ERP systems and/or clients
  • In principle, it is possible to connect any store system via the brickfox store interface. The prerequisite for this is that your online store supports the exchange of XML files (via FTP/SFTP).
Real-time reporting

With brickfox’s real-time performance reporting, you can keep track of your sales channel successes at all times. You can create detailed standard evaluations for a global overview or specifically for each sales channel. Configure individual evaluations to find out, for example, which (sub)assortment recorded which sales in which promotion period on which marketplace, which turnover was generated and what the returns rate was.

Channel performance: Receive a daily analysis of your store and marketplace sales. KPIs such as average basket sizes or return rates are automatically calculated and displayed in graphical and tabular form.

Product group analysis: Analyze the sales of specific product groups. Progress analyses show you how product ranges are developing. Relevant key figures at product group level, such as cancellation and return rates, support channel-specific product range management.

Item research: Track sales in detail for each sales channel and even by brand. Analyze important key figures down to variant level. Export data conveniently via Excel for further processing in third-party systems.

brickfox ERP interface

The brickfox ERP interface enables the seamless integration of almost any ERP system and merchandise management system into your brickfox universe. A bidirectional interface integrates your product data management system into an extensive multichannel eCommerce landscape. This makes it easy to implement sophisticated multichannel eCommerce projects as well as your own eCommerce platforms or supplier portals.

Details on the Brickfox ERP interface:

  • Product data, including master data and initial article creation
  • Stocks and stock updates
  • Orders, including customer data
  • Order status and tracking IDs
  • Returns, cancellations and credit notes

Data is exchanged cyclically via defined XML or CSV formats, whereby update cycles can be freely defined or linked to certain events, such as changes in stock. We work closely with you and your ERP software company to connect your merchandise management system.

brickfox PIM
  • Centralized and media-neutral data management for text & images
  • Specific product information per sales channel
  • Own media management
  • Multiple variants
  • Full multilingualism for texts and attributes – including special characters
  • Integration of external data sources
  • Process optimization through automation
  • Customized workflows through own user, role and rights system
  • Export of product data for third-party systems, e.g. print
  • Multilingual PIM including special characters thanks to UTF8 encoding
brickfox KI-Forecast

Data-driven decisions: Using billions of transactions from your industry, we develop an accurate forecast for your sales channels. With our innovative approach, we enable you to predict the future and make strategic plans with greater certainty.

Click here for the AI forecast.

brickfox bridge

Connect your systems and applications with the efficient ESB and ETL tool … for smooth, high-performance data exchange.

Popular features

brickfox channel customizer
brickfox channel customizer

These customers rely on us

“Fast and efficient”
„21 online stores, 10 online marketplaces, 9 countries, 6 currencies. We manage our online trade entirely via brickfox. Intelligent product range management and rule-based sales channel management make our complex system simple and clear. For continuous growth.“
brickfox sven vieler founder geschaeftsfuehrer vielergroup
Founder Managing Director
brickfox Vieler klein
“Satisfied all round”
„The brickfox Cloud is the core of our e-commerce system. For us as a manufacturer, the process chain from production to the customer – whether B2B or B2C – functions optimally. The integration of the production process into the inventory management of the sales channels brings an additional plus in efficiency.“
brickfox Dieter Nowak Leiter E Commerce Authentic Style Fashion
Head of eCommerce
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“Easy and reliable”
„brickfox coordinates the complex order and inventory management – including order splitting – for more than 200 specialist retailers on the marketplace … with brickfox, our retailer network platform has a solid basis and a future-oriented e-commerce control system …“
Ulrich Seibel Leiter Multichannel Systeme Euronics Verbundgruppe
Head of Multichannel Systems
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Integration process sequence

Project start
Joint kick-off

Amazon is born

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Amazon Prime debuts

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Basis Setup
Dein brickfox Mandant

Amazon acquires Audible

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