OXID Interface to Amazon, eBay, Otto Market & Co.

brickfox and OXID

Do you have an OXID online shop and want to expand your online sales? Then brickfox Multichannel eCommerce is just right for you. With brickfox, you can connect your merchandise management, ERP system or PIM with various sales channels. With its own OXID eShop modules, brickfox opens the door to numerous online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Otto Market & Co. You can conveniently control all marketplaces – including your Oxid shop – from a central system according to your specifications. This allows you to reach more customers while saving time and effort. If you want to integrate external product ranges into your shop or sales channels, brickfox also offers a module for creating your own marketplace and platform solutions.


Multichannel management for OXID shops

  • Automated interfaces to marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Otto, Cdiscount, etc., including account takeover | Overview of current brickfox marketplace interfaces
  • Maintenance of individual texts and prices for each marketplace
  • Import and export of orders, order status, inventory, and availability
  • Virtual inventory management and inventory splitting to avoid stockouts across sales channels
  • Support for category and attribute mappings in the respective distribution channel
  • Specifically for Amazon Marketplace: manual steering based on ASIN or MultiASIN for existing Amazon articles
  • eBay interface: Support for Buy Now and steering of dynamic templates. Time-controlled auctions and price proposals are planned.

Central product management in PIM

  • Multilingual PIM for online retailers
  • Import & export of existing product data
  • Convenient product data maintenance with dedicated user management and workflows
  • Representation of attributes, variants, and bundles for optimal presentation of your assortment
  • Multilingual user interface – for example, in English, French, or Russian – enables you to deploy across countries and collaborate with editors in your native language
  • Integration with ERP systems – e.g., pixi or BüroWARE – via XML, CSV, or API interface
  • The modular structure of our software allows for the quick implementation of additional features as needed

Integration of third-party assortments

  • Opening your OXID eShop to external merchants, manufacturers, and suppliers
  • Opening your OXID eShop to external merchants, manufacturers, and suppliers
  • Opening up your entire distribution channel landscape (shops and marketplaces in your brickfox landscape) for assortments from external merchants, manufacturers, and suppliers
  • More information on the brickfox Multichannel Middleware Hub page

The key interfaces to OXID

OXID Amazon Interface

With the OXID-Amazon interface from brickfox, you can sell your products on highly frequented Amazon-Plattformen worldwide. In addition to amazon.de you can reach international markets such as amazon.com | amazon.eu | amazon.fr | amazon.co.uk | amazon.it | amazon.es | amazon.se | amazon.pl | amazon.au | amazon.co and amazon business for the B2B-trade. The brickfox software handles product data management for various languages, currencies, tax rates, etc., in the standard version.

You can find more information about the OXID-Amazon interface here.

OXID eBay Interface

Through the OXID-eBay interfaces of the brickfox software, shop operators have access to numerous European eBay markets. You have the option to manage these through a central EU account or use them as individual country channels. The latter provides the opportunity to adapt product data to the respective country requirements. From translating product descriptions into the respective national language to differentiated pricing, there are various options available. Brickfox handles important functions for internationalization such as adjusting prices, currencies, and tax rates in the standard version. Your existing eBay accounts can be taken over upon request during integration.

More information about the OXID eBay interface.

OXID Otto Interface

OTTO Market is currently one of the most sought-after distribution platforms in German online retail. With over 11 million active customers and up to 10 orders per second (as of 2024), OTTO Market may also be an interesting sales channel for you. The brickfox integration of your OXID shop with OTTO Market is done via the new interface format.

More information about the OXID-OTTO Market interface.

OXID Bol Interface

Bol.com is a high-traffic and popular marketplace for merchants and manufacturers looking to sell their products in the Benelux countries. Bol.com is not only the number 1 marketplace in the Netherlands, but also one of the most popular online shops in Belgium. With this focus, the OXID-Bol interface from brickfox is an optimal solution for implementing your internationalization strategy. Benefit from important features and functions for efficient multichannel eCommerce with the brickfox middleware and integrated PIM. Customizing product data and prices for the Benelux market is just one of them…

More information about the OXID-Bol.com interface.

OXID CDiscount Interface

As the “N°1 du e-commerce Français,” Cdiscount is one of the most extensive and revenue-generating marketplaces in France. With its extensive range of products, Cdiscount covers almost the entire range of retail products. Through the OXID-Cdiscount interface of the brickfox middleware, you connect your OXID shop with the “N°1 du e-commerce Français” … for successful multichannel eCommerce.

More information about the OXID-Cdiscount interface.

Your benefits with brickfox

  • Multichannel distribution on key online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Otto Market, Cdiscount, Bol & Co., as well as other digital channels, extending to the POS terminal
  • Shop and multishop control on an international scale
  • Multilingual PIM (Product Information Management System) for OXID e-shops
  • ERP and logistics integration
  • Integration of external suppliers, manufacturers, and vendors possible
  • Intelligent order management for coordinating external suppliers